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My untouchable Friend - somebody else´s friend

Time changes everything,
is what I fell and what I think
You´re not here
you´re never there
you didn´t care
nothing at all
nothing at last
My only Friend is going away too fast

I was sitting in a corner
thinking about people
about friends
and I noticed there´s only emptiness
a lonley place in my heart
you and me apart
you and me didn´t exist
My only Friend is only a list

My only friend died
and while she´s gone
I can´t feel nothing for so long
Everytime she looks in my eyes
I turn aroud to hide the cries
When her words come out
there´s no doubt
hiding the truth
make me feeling so used

When Im happy you have to be happy too
When Im sad, you have to be sad too
When Im lonley, you have to here
When I need you, you have to care

My only Friend is somebody else´s friend
My only friend can´t anybody mend
My only friend is gone forever
it makes no differenz, now or never
My only friend left me alone
my only freind is only a clown

And now you and everybody else whatever
It doesn´t make any difference to me
Myself is bigger than your friendship
You don´deserve me as your friend

Now I find the only friend is myself
trust nobody else in this world
I take care of myself
Im here whenever I need to be here
I listen to me when I got something to say
When I cry I find some words to take heart
When Im alone I know what makes me feel better
And when I was thinking of you again
I forget you every now and then
20.6.08 21:57



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